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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

October 2012


Dear Document Imaging Partner

Kodak Document Imaging has been in the news a lot since the last newsletter, partly because of the announcement that Kodak has announced its intention to sell the business but also because of a series of exciting new product launches we have been making.



The KODAK Info Activate Solution, a new distributed enterprise capture system features a radically simple user interface that allows knowledge workers to simultaneously digitize paper documents and initiate a business process with a single click. The new solution provides businesses with the ability to manage paper documents with the speed and power of digital content, which helps to increase the efficiency of workflows, simplify metadata entry and reduce processing costs. Read more



The KODAK Capture Pro 4.0 Software is leading the growth in a growing market!
According to Harvey Spencer Associates, the leading independent analyst of electronic information capture technologies, Kodak once again increased its market share in the worldwide Batch Image Capture Software segment: it has grown from 3.6% to 5% between 2010 and 2012 - which represents the strongest growth among the Top 5 vendors over the period. Key Success Factors according to HSA include a well-thought out, cost effective Batch Capture product - Kodak Capture Pro Software, together with Kodak Capture Pro Network Edition - and the implementation of its sales orientation to include software even without a hardware element. Find out more


The KODAK Asset Management Software
Businesses using Kodak’s desktop scanners across their organization can now monitor, manage and update these capture peripherals through a central server and web based administration interface. KODAK Asset Management Software will enable IT directors and system administrators to remotely monitor scanner performance and status, deploy driver and profile updates, and gain insight to identify trends and streamline processes. Find out more


The new KODAK Picture Saver Scanning Systems
create a new, high-value market and revenue stream for retailers and other businesses by helping customers turn hundreds, even thousands of pictures, postcards and other memorabilia into digital files. The system enables businesses to quickly and easily tap into the multibillion dollar market for photo merchandise and related services.
Find out more




From 1st October until 31st of December 2012, benefit from an exclusive cash-back promotion on all Document Scanners from Kodak! Get 5% cash-back on the full EURO list price of the Kodak Scanners listed below that you buy during the promotion period, purchased via your Kodak Authorised Distributor.



Terms & Conditions:
1. Sign up to the Reseller Rewards Programme at
2. Register the Kodak products bought during the promotion period, in your partnersite account, by 31st December 2012.
3. The amount of cash-back accrued will be visible in your account, after Kodak approval and be added to cashback values collected earlier in 2012.You can then send your invoice to Kodak for payment as soon as the total amount of cashback accumulated reaches 500€ (see all details in your partnersite account).

Promotion valid for Reseller Rewards Programme members in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Slovak Republic, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom. Purchased from their preferred Authorised Distributor. Projects are excluded from the promotion.


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Created on: 6/2/2015 11:47 AM
Business - North Country PHC Plumbing
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Created on: 6/2/2015 11:48 AM
Fewer professors, more managers work on Cal State campuses
As enrollment at California State University  <a href=>quanto costa una maglietta del napoli</a>
  soared over the last decade, the number of professors did not soar with them. But managers and supervisors increased aplenty, according to numbers compiled by faculty who are angry about the shift.

Enrollment rose by 24 percent between 2004 and 2014, while tenured and tenure-track faculty dropped by 3 percent, and managers and supervisors rose by 19 percent, the California Faculty Association reported Tuesday.

The faculty association represents about 25,000 faculty members across CSU鈥檚 23 campuses, and much of 鈥斺€淩ace to the Bottom 鈥?Salary, Staffing Priorities and the CSU鈥檚 1%鈥?鈥?looks at salary information the group hopes will help in labor negotiations with the university in May.

But for students and taxpayers, the numbers paint a  revealing portrait of who is teaching the more than 400,000 students at the vast university and its campuses, how the ratio of professors to administrators has changed, and what CSU and its campuses looked like before and after the recession.

CSU lost a third of its budget during the mid- to late 2000s and shed thousands of employees, the university reports.

But it also added the equivalent of 600 full-time managers and supervisors 鈥攆rom 3,127 to 3,726 鈥?between 2004 and 2014 for a 19 percent increase, according to the faculty research.

Before the downturn, in 2004, 64 percent of CSU instructors were tenured professors or were on track to becoming tenured. Such faculty hold office hours for students, perform research and can help run departments. A decade later in 2014, 55 percent of CSU instructors were tenured or on the tenure track.

The actual number of professors lost isn鈥檛 clear because the faculty researchers rely on 鈥渇ull-time equivalent鈥?employees, not head count. But overall, the equivalent of 300 full-time professors was lost.

鈥淥ne of the more ominous findings for the CSU in our paper is that there is no 'next  generation鈥?of permanent faculty in the pipeline,鈥?said Lillian Taiz, a history professor at Cal State Los Angeles and president of the California Faculty Association.

It鈥檚 not that the students were left with no one to teach their classes. In fact, enrollment grew during this time by the equivalent of more than 75,000 full-time students, from about 317,000 to nearly 393,000.

But now they were being taught by more part-time lecturers: instructors without tenure who might be experts in their field but who earn lower salaries, work on year-to-year contracts and have no offices on campus or duties other than teaching. Before the downturn, 35 percent of CSU faculty were part-time lecturers. By last year, it had grown to 45 percent.

For the university, there were clear benefits to this shift.

Lecturers generally teach more classes than professors do, sometimes five in a day. But they can also be hired quickly to teach just one class, if that鈥檚 what鈥檚 needed.

鈥淒uring  the recession years it provided us with flexibility,鈥?said Laurie Weidner, CSU鈥檚 spokeswoman. 鈥淚t takes about a year to hire (tenure-track) faculty. It鈥檚 a long-term financial commitment. Lecturers provide more flexibility, and we needed that.鈥?
For lecturers, however, the lack of permanency 鈥?which often requires them to drive from campus to campus in search  of classes to teach, earning them the nickname 鈥渇reeway flyers鈥?鈥?is a major problem.

Leslie Bryan, a theater lecturer at CSU San Bernardino who works with the California Faculty Association, said the faculty shift is bad not only for employees but also for the university.

鈥淚n essence, this is turning teaching in the CSU into the equivalent of a fast-food job because of the fast-food style of hiring,鈥?she said, noting that lecturers are considered 鈥渆xpendable鈥?and 鈥済ood enough to get the job done and (get) out of the way.鈥?
Weidner, CSU鈥檚 spokeswoman, said students do best in an environment with both professors and lecturers. Yet the university wants to hire more tenure-track faculty because 鈥渢heir academic scholarship is vital in nurturing students, advancing the quality of our degree programs and preparing the next generation of academic leaders.鈥?

In its budget request to the state, CSU has asked for $11 million to hire more professors, Weidner said. CSU also hired 740 new full-  and part-time tenure-track faculty this year and is searching for additional full-time tenure-track positions. It isn鈥檛 clear what the net increase might be, however, after faculty departures and retirements are considered.

Nanette Asimov is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. E-mail

Created on: 6/2/2015 11:50 AM
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Created on: 6/2/2015 11:53 AM
Prince Fielder drops down bunt to beat shift (Video)
Your browser does not support iframes.
If teams are going to insist on using defensive shifts  <a href=>ray ban aviator rb3025 - colored mirror (blue)</a>
  against Prince Fielder, he may just have to burn them with bunts.
During a spring training game between  the Angels and Rangers Tuesday, Prince dropped a perfect bunt down the third base side of the infield for his first career bunt hit.  
Fielder has found things more difficult at the plate ever since opposing defenses started using shifts against him more frequently, so this  is one way to keep them honest.  It also makes you wonder why more players facing shifts don t do the same thing. If they re giving it to you, why not take advantage  of it?
And kudos to Fielder he had excellent technique and made it clear he has been practicing this:


Created on: 6/2/2015 12:02 PM
The real lesson of the Rolling Stone rape article fiasco
The Charlottesville Police Department reminded everyone on Monday why we have a justice system that requires accusers to make criminal cases beyond a reasonable doubt. And in doing so, the Charlottesville PD not only indicted one reporter's folly in publishing unproven allegations, but also skewered America's moral panic about college campuses, and  <a href=>lazio roma shirt 2014</a>
  the evasion of due process for the sake of political expediency.

The embarrassment of Rolling Stone's epic journalistic failure re-emerged on Monday in Charlottesville, home of the University of Virginia. Last year, the magazine , saying the college had a "culture of hidden sexual violence" that protected rapists while leaving victims helpless. The article, written by Sabrina Rubin Erdely, told the story of "Jackie," a student who claimed to have endured a brutal gang rape at the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity during a party, only to have her friends discourage her from reporting it so that they could maintain their own social contacts, and UVA ignore the crime to avoid damage to the school's reputation.

The furious national outrage over the story prompted UVA to  suspend the fraternity and cancel all Greek activity on campus, while giving fuel to activists who claimed that an epidemic of rape was sweeping American college campuses.

Stung by getting scooped in their own backyard, The Washington Post assigned T. Rees Shapiro to investigate the story, and found that  about Jackie's claims. Erdely had not tried to speak with those accused about the supposed gang rape, and had gone along with Jackie when she insisted that Erdely not contact her friends, either. Shapiro and other reporters did the due diligence  that Rolling Stone eschewed, and discovered that Jackie's friends had different recollections about the night in question, and  as well. The story quickly unraveled, turning into a debate over journalistic ethics rather than sexual assault and campus discipline.

The Charlottesville Police Department, however, still took the original allegations seriously. They opened an investigation that took months. In the end, though, the investigation came up short of a definitive answer on Jackie's claims, in significant part because she didn't cooperate with the probe.

"We're not able to conclude to any substantive degree that an incident occurred at the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house,"  on Monday, "or any other fraternity house, for that matter." The cops did determine that Phi Kappa Psi never had a party on the night of the alleged attack, and that no  one could be found that fit the description of the lead attacker. The man with whom Jackie had claimed to have a date that night turned out to be , a point discovered by the Post's Shapiro in December.

And yet, as Longo noted, their investigation couldn't  definitively prove that nothing traumatic had happened to Jackie on that night in September 2012. They could demonstrate that Jackie had given false information in her story, but that was all.

That's the real lesson from the Charlottesville investigation. It's impossible to prove a negative 鈥?and that's why we have the protections afforded us through due process when it comes to allegations of criminality.

Activists, abetted by the Obama administration's pressure on schools to increase disciplinary actions for sexual harassment and assault, have pushed schools into using incredibly low standards of evidence in administrative hearings, while denying the accused opportunities to confront accusers, examine witnesses and evidence, or even put on an effective defense. In too many cases, those accused on college campuses find themselves in the impossible position of proving negatives. Instead of having normal due process, they find themselves in kangaroo courts, with their lives ruined on the basis of mere allegation.

Yes, Erdely's Rolling Stone article is a "crock," as . But so are attempts to have schools conduct witch hunts against people about whom nothing has been proven. We need to end presumptions of guilt and denial of due process now, and leave criminal investigations in the hands of professionals  鈥?like the Charlottesville Police Department 鈥?and not activists in pursuit of their own political goals.

Created on: 6/2/2015 12:04 PM
New Soyuz Deal Could See Russia Bringing US Astronauts To ISS
Amid tensions brought by the Ukraine crisis, the United States could soon be forging an agreement with Russia that will make the latter鈥檚 Soyuz spacecraft  <a href=>maglia roberto baggio mondiali usa 94</a>
  bring American astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS).

The report by , citing the Roscosmos press service, said the agreement is expected to聽be signed this fall. Expected effectivity date is in聽2018.

鈥淩oscosmos and NASA have signed an agreement on taking cosmonauts to the ISS for 2017. A similar agreement for 2018 is planned to be signed in the autumn  of 2015,鈥?Roscosmos聽聽said. The Soyuz rockets from Russia serve as the only means of transport for astronauts going and coming back from the ISS since the U.S. ended its space shuttle program in 2011. The round-trip costs the U.S. $76 million.

American companies Boeing, SpaceX and others are working to develop commercial spaceships that  will transport Ameican astronauts to and from the ISS by end 2017. But these have yet to be finalised thus the arrangement with Russia. Until it has created reliable commercial spaceships, NASA will continue to rely on Russia and Roscosmos to bring its astronauts out of space.

The ISS has been occupied since 2000. Russia, the European Space Agency and the Japanese Space Agency have made significant hardware contributions to it.

Meantime, both countries will launch a  joint year-long mission to the ISS involving American and Russian astronauts. A typical mission to the outer space involves 160 to 180 days. Scott Kelly (US) and Mikhail Kornienko (Russia), both ISS veterans, will depart on March 27, 2015, 3:42 pm EST. from the historic Baikonur Cosmodrome.

"As <Konstantin> Tsiolkovsky said, the Russian space scientist, the humankind cannot stay in the cradle forever, so we have to leave Earth, and the function of the ISS is to learn  as much as we can about life in space...It鈥檚 impossible to do it with one country alone," Kornienko was quoted by .

The mission will enable researchers to study and 鈥渁ddress the safety of astronauts on extended missions, in regards to their fatigue  and fine motor control.鈥?Returning astronauts from space face difficulties and usually complain about walking upright, decreased bone density, and聽.聽

To report problems or to leave feedback about this article, e-mail:聽.

Created on: 6/2/2015 12:11 PM
Frederick family blames moving company for missing, damaged belongings
<a href=>divisa calcio borussia</a>
  When Shannan Piatt hired a company to move her family from Frederick to the West Virginia-Pennsylvania border, she says she had no idea the move would turn out to be what she calls an eight-month nightmare.
Their motto is Movers who care, these people did not care, she said. Over half of <my>mother s] crystal baskets got smashed I found CDs in my grill.
The moving company, Two Men and a Truck, based out of Rockville, denies Piatt s claim that many of her belongings were scratched, dented or destroyed, and that the family s 60-inch TV and other items were lost.
Two Men and  a Truck owners say they are committed to exceeding customer expectations and, while they admit some mistakes were made, told 7 On Your Side:
With a 96-percent customer referral rate, our company is committed to exceeding customers expectations. After due diligence, we  have addressed each of Ms.Piatt s claims and have compensated her. We have offered her a settlement at full replacement value  in all instances where our company may hold some liability. We feel we have made every effort to offer a resolution in accordance with the contract and our commitment to customer service.
This move, at a price tag of just over $10,000, was paid by Piatt s husband s new employer in West Virginia. Two Men and a Truck assessed the damages and offered the family a settlement of just over $2,000.
Piatt said, $2,000  is not making good. That barely covers the missing stuff.
Piatt had a contract with Two Men and a Truck and, because of that, wants to go to arbitration.
If you re thinking of moving, the Better Business Bureau says you should never hire a mover without a contract outlining the terms of the move, including a detailed list of all your belongings and their condition. Make absolutely sure you understand what is and is  not covered by insurance.

Created on: 6/2/2015 12:13 PM
Tommy Coyle can still pull off an upset win over Luke Campbell says Derry Mathews
In stark contrast, Campbell comfortably halted Levis Morales on the same bill, and  <a href=>ray ban rb4147 youtube</a>
  the two Hull fighters are expected to battle for hometown bragging rights this summer. Mathews is fully aware of Coyle s qualities as he was pushed to the brink by Boom Boom before he rescued victory with a big left hook in the 10th round of their 2013 clash.An admirer of Campbell, the Liverpudlian admits he will start the fight as favourite, but still feels his former opponent is capable of springing an upset.   He  might be one of those boxers who does that. He did against me, although I caught up with him in the end and knocked him out. Derry Mathews Mathews, who challenges Richar Abril for the WBA belt on April 18, told Sky Sports: It s boxing, everyone has a chance and Tommy might perform on the night. He might be one of those boxers who does that. He did against me, although I caught up with him in the end and knocked him out. He performed that night and  could perform against Luke Campbell, but I just think that Luke s ability is a one-off. He s one of the  best out there and this is going to build Luke Campbell s name even bigger and I think he s going to do a great performance against Tommy. I wish Tommy all the luck in the world. He s a good lad, may the best man win. Coyle issued an apology on social media after getting past Gethin, but Mathews  thinks he was being too hard on himself. I thought he did well to recover, said the 31-year-old. It was leading into a good fight anyway until Martin Gethin pulled out with the ear injury. If Martin would have been able to carry on then I think that  Tommy would have got a pat on the back from some of his fans, because I think he would have come back and beat Martin on points. I think he might have run away and out-boxed him. Unlucky for him, Martin pulled out, and made him look like a bad fighter that night. For more from Derry Mathews,

Created on: 6/2/2015 12:18 PM
Google Tries Targeted Local Ads
Google Fiber, the television and internet subscription service operating in a  <a href=>oakley store new york soho</a>
  handful of markets, aims to test targeted TV ads in Kansas City. Viewers will receive ads based on their viewing history, and can opt out of the trial.
Said Google:
Fiber TV ads will be digitally delivered in real time and can be matched based on geography, the type of program being shown (eg,  <a href=>new maillot psg 2013</a>
  sports or news), or viewing history.&nbsp;
This is a significant development in the local advertising space,
The move, if  <a href=>ray ban mens nordstrom</a>
  it were widely adopted by rival cable companies, could represent a sea change in how television ads are viewed and sold. For starters, it would mean that people in the same city might see different ads while watching the same show. It could also change how ads are sold by giving advertisers more leeway over when ads are shown, to whom and how often 鈥? <a href=>ray ban polarized tech carbon fibre sunglasses</a>
  the same kinds of control they  <a href=>jersey barcelona visitante 2014</a>
  have when advertising online.
Of course, Google has done pretty well for itself by delivering targeted ads to web users. But its subscription TV footprint is small. Google Fiber has less than 30,000 subscribers in Kansas City, according to MoffettNathanson. Other Fiber markets are Austin and  <a href=>new balance 995 lbk</a>
  Provo. Charlotte and Atlanta are among those lined up for the future.
It was a different platform, . It pulled the plug on that initiative, which drew considerable skepticism from broadcasters, in 2012.

Created on: 6/2/2015 12:26 PM
Colorado Rockies prospect Jon Gray still has work to do
"I'd lean toward the more conservative scouts sentiment, although there's nothing wrong with a quality No. 3 starter. The arsenal has taken a small step back, with the slider not quite as sharp as it was in college, and the fastball velocity backing up a tick.  <a href=>new manchester united jersey 2014 15</a>
  The changeup should help mitigate some of these concerns, but missing bats in Coors is paramount. Gray will go as far as his fastball command and consistency of the slider will take him."
Simply put, there's no need to rush a guy who still has work to  <a href=>ray ban rb 2140 new color wayfarer black</a>
  do in order to meet his initial projection, rather than settling in as a potential No. 3 or 4 starter. However ...
<br>Gray should be in the rotation at the beginning of the season because, dammit, baseball is just like football and there needs to be  <a href=>new jersey atletico madrid 2015</a>
  instant gratification in addition to proving something to the fans and to the Rockies' star duo who can't stay on the field.  <a href=>ac milan balotelli jersey</a>
  Also, party deck joke.
<br>Jorge De La Rosa passed his MRI, but he still has fewer than three Cactus League innings under his belt, and with fewer than three weeks until the Rockies' home opener, his goal of being ready for  <a href=>new balance 574 sonic black trainers size 6</a>
  the regular season is in serious jeopardy.
De La Rosa was scheduled to pitch Wednesday, but the Rockies have -- for now, at least -- replaced him with Eddie Butler, and as Thomas Harding notes, the veteran southpaw isn't penciled in for a minor league game, either.
<br>Our friend Sarah Ford (Hi, Sarah! Feel free to edit this out if you'd like!) has a solid breakdown of the Rockies' relief corps. Sarah reaches the same conclusion that most people who have analyzed the unit have come to: the bullpen simply won't be  <a href=>chelsea shorts mens</a>
  as bad as it was last year.

Created on: 6/2/2015 12:30 PM
Nightcrawler- Miller Lite girls at Tilted Kilt and Dubs on 5th in Easton
Caption Nightcrawler: Miller Lite Matthew Blum /  <a href=>oakley flak jacket uk</a>
  THE MORNING CALL Nightcrawler: Miller Lite girls at Tilted Kilt and Dubs on 5th in Easton, March 21, 2015. Nightcrawler: Miller Lite girls at Tilted Kilt and Dubs on 5th in Easton, March 21, 2015. (Matthew Blum / THE MORNING CALL) See more galleries  Caption Nightcrawler: Miller  Lite Matthew Blum / THE MORNING CALL Nightcrawler: Miller Lite girls at Tilted Kilt and Dubs on 5th in Easton, March 21, 2015. Nightcrawler: Miller Lite girls at Tilted Kilt and Dubs on 5th in Easton, March 21, 2015. (Matthew Blum / THE MORNING CALL) See more galleries  Caption Nightcrawler: Miller Lite Matthew Blum / THE MORNING CALL Nightcrawler: Miller Lite girls at  Tilted Kilt and Dubs on 5th in Easton, March 21, 2015. Nightcrawler: Miller Lite girls at Tilted  Kilt and Dubs on 5th in Easton, March 21, 2015. (Matthew Blum / THE MORNING CALL) See more galleries  Caption Nightcrawler: Miller Lite Matthew Blum / THE MORNING CALL Nightcrawler: Miller Lite girls at Tilted Kilt  and Dubs on 5th in Easton, March 21, 2015. Nightcrawler: Miller Lite girls at Tilted Kilt and Dubs on 5th in Easton, March 21, 2015. (Matthew Blum / THE MORNING CALL) See more galleries  Caption Nightcrawler: Miller Lite Matthew Blum / THE MORNING CALL Nightcrawler: Miller Lite girls at Tilted Kilt and Dubs on 5th in Easton, March 21, 2015. Nightcrawler: Miller Lite girls at Tilted Kilt and Dubs on  5th in Easton, March 21, 2015. (Matthew Blum / THE MORNING CALL) See more galleries

Created on: 6/2/2015 12:30 PM
Aussies Deprived Of Lifesaving Drugs And Medicines, Medicines Australia Report Reveals
A recently released report has revealed that Australian citizens are missing on 33 life-saving drugs and medicines that are available overseas for treatment of deadly diseases and disorders. In addition,  <a href=>oculos oakley quadrado</a>
  the nation stands third last when it comes to subsidising new drugs.

The report has been released by the pharmaceutical group Medicines Australia. The report has blamed the  <a href=>oakley holbrook sunglasses clear</a>
  government for the delay in drug assessment due to the required intervention of the external drug subsidy system, hence offering negligible access to the newly discovered medicines.

According to the Medicines Australia report, the machinery being used by the Australian government to assess the monetary value of the recently released drug  <a href=>ray bans prices usa</a>
  or a medicine is outdated and leads to the lag in approval.

"Patients with cancer do not have time to wait to get access to new medicines," said the submission, reported The Sydney Morning Herald.

On the other hand, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) has put a blame  <a href=>brille ray ban frau</a>
  on the drug companies, saying that it does not submit the drugs for approval at the same time in Australia when these are submitted for approval in the US. This, in turn, leads to a delay in availability of the medicines in Australia.

It says, 鈥淒elays are often due to the failure of pharmaceutical companies to apply for listing, or to reach agreement with government on the conditions of supply. Some cancer medicines are never submitted to the PBAC,鈥?reported

The report has revealed that out of 247 medicines that were  <a href=>clubmaster ray ban de vue</a>
  released around the world in the past five years, only half of these were registered for medicinal use in Australia. According to PBAC, it takes an average of 236 days for a medicine to get subsidised in Australia.

To report a  <a href=>kate spade bag that winks</a>
  problem or to leave a feedback on the article, send an e-mail to .

Created on: 6/2/2015 12:32 PM
Vin Diesel- Furious 7 will 'win best picture' at Oscars 2017
"This will win best picture," he said. "There is nothing that  <a href=>ps i love fashion ray ban aviator</a>
  will ever come close to the power of this thing."

He went on to  <a href=>maglie calcio facebook affidabile</a>
  suggest the Oscars would no longer be relevant if Furious 7 was overlooked by the Academy.

Walker was killed in a car accident in 2013, while the movie was still being shot.  <a href=>kate spade handbag styles from the past</a>
  A substantial re-write and the addition of digital effects and stand-ins allowed Walker's role to be kept in  <a href=>maillot angleterre flocage officiel</a>
  the film after his death.

Furious 7, slated for release in Australia on April 2, is generally reckoned to be part of the most successful action-movie franchise of all time.

It had its official opening at SXSW earlier in March, where  <a href=>new balance 10 v2</a>
  it received a warm response from audiences.

On the review aggregation site, , early reviews  <a href=>nouveau maillot liverpool exterieur</a>
  of the film were 88 per cent positive.

- Fairfax Media

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Christian Bale wears a leg brace on the New Orleans set of The Big Short
Christian Bale has been hard at work filming his latest movie The Big Short.
And it looks as if the  <a href=>maillot psg 2011</a>
  41-year-old may have even been pushing himself a little too hard, as he was seen sporting a knee brace as he made his way to set on Monday.
The Welsh actor was spotted wearing the large brace on his right leg while listening to headphones as he prepared to begin working on the New Orleans, Louisiana set.

What happened? Christian Bale is seen sporting a knee brace on the New Orleans set of his new film The Big Short on Monday
Christian sported a loose-fitting navy blue T-shirt on set, which he coupled with a pair of khaki shorts.
The Dark Knight star also donned a pair of light brown Birkenstock sandals, and bundled up in a puffy blue jacket.
He was seen sporting a short brown wig as he listened to his headphones on set before filming began.

New 'do: The Dark Knight actor covered up his long brown hair with a short wig as he walked across set

Laid-back: Christian was dressed casually on Monday, sporting a  <a href=>maillot de foot juventus pogba</a>
  loose-fitting blue T-shirt as well as khaki shorts and Birkenstock sandals聽
The Oscar winner also wore a knee brace, which could be a result of a set injury  <a href=>barcelona jersey price in spain</a>
  from working on his new film, The Big Short.
The day before Christian showed off his naturally long hair as he was spotted out and about in New Orleans.
He was dressed comfortably, sporting a pair of baggy green cargo pants along with a loose-fitting blue T-shirt.
He finished off his look with a pair of worn navy blue Converse sneakers, and had a pair of black sunglasses clipped to his shirt.

Natural look: The day before Christian was spotted sporting his long 'do as he took a solo walk around New Orleans聽

Solo stroll: Not photographed on Sunday were Christian's wife Sibi Blazic, or their two children, nine-year-old daughter Emmeline or eight-month-old son for whom they have yet to reveal the name
The father of  <a href=>kate spade bags coral</a>
  two - who was spotted without 44-year-old wife Sibi Blazic or their children - carried a large black backpack for his walk, as well as a water bottle.

Christian is currently in Louisiana to work on upcoming drama The Big Short, which is adapted from Michael Lewis' bestseller The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine.
He portrays Michael Burry, the founder of the Scion Capital, who earned millions during the U.S. housing and credit meltdown that led to the 2007-2008 global financial crisis.

New gig: Christian recently began filming The Big Short, helmed by Anchorman and Step Brothers director Adam McKay

Casual: Christian looked comfortable for Sunday's outing, sporting baggy cargo pants, worn Converse sneakers, and a  <a href=>maillot de bain bebe integral</a>
  loose-fitting T-shirt
He was one of the first people to predict the bubble burst and is believed to have scored a personal profit of $100 million and nearly $700 million for his investors.
Brad Pitt, who is also producing the Adam McKay-directed film, will play Cornwall Capital's Ben Hockett.
Ryan Gosling will play Deutsche Bank trader Greg Lippman and Steve Carell is enlisted to star as FrontPoint Partners money manager Steve Eisman.聽

Leading man: In the film Christian聽portrays Michael Burry, the founder of the Scion Capital,  <a href=>ray ban soleil prix</a>
  who earned millions during the U.S. housing and credit meltdown

In good company: Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, and Steve Carell will also star in the upcoming drama

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Blazers vs. Grizzlies Final Score- 97
Both teams shot over 60% for the opening period, but Portland committed four turnovers to one for Memphis.&nbsp;  scored 14 points in the period, more than half of the Blazers total output, while the other Portland starters shot 2-of-6.&nbsp; The Grizzlies got a  [url=]ray ban zonne brillen[/url]
  balanced scoring attack from , Mike Conley Jr., and , and took an eight point lead into the second quarter.

With the Portland bench on the floor, the Grizzlies  offense simply died for the first half of the second quarter.&nbsp; They missed their first ten shots, and did not hit a field goal until just 6:04 was left in the quarter.&nbsp; Meanwhile, CJ McCollum and  combined for nine points, and Portland took a three  point lead, 40-37.&nbsp; Then the starters came in for both squads, and it was Portland's turn to fall apart.&nbsp; The Blazers missed ten of their final fourteen shots, and Memphis powered ahead with a 16-2 run.&nbsp; Conley and  had six, and the Grizzlies led by as many as eleven.&nbsp; A layup by Lillard with 5.4 seconds remaining  cut the lead to nine at halftime.&nbsp; McCollum led all Blazers in the quarter with five.

Aldridge did not return from halftime after re-aggravating his thumb injury while being stripped of the ball by Tony Allen in the first quarter.&nbsp;  also did not return with a reported back injury.

With Aldridge and Batum out, Portland struggled to score in the third quarter.&nbsp; Lillard had 14 points,  had  four, and no other Blazer scored.&nbsp; On the other end,  hit more threes in the quarter in four attempts than the Blazers had scored to that point on 16 attempts.&nbsp; Memphis led by as many as 18, and led by 15 after three.

The Blazers fired one last salvo to save the game, with  and  Lillard leading Portland on a 10-2 run to close the gap to seven.&nbsp; However, the door was slammed shut by former Trail Blazers Randolph, who scored nine in the quarter, including a three after a pair of missed traveling calls and what appeared to be a double leg takedown by Allen on Lillard.

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Mandel says other states can adopt transparent online systems
State Treasurer Josh Mandel predicted today that it would 鈥渞ealistic鈥?for  [url=]maglia barcellona centenario[/url]
  every state to adopt
an online system such as Ohio鈥檚 that makes it easy for people to find out how each state agency is
spending money.
鈥淲e can help other states put their checkbooks on line,鈥?Mandel said after  speaking to gathering
of the nation鈥檚 state treasurers in Washington,  saying every state could have the same system as
Ohio by the end of 2018.
Just last week, the U.S. Public Interest Research Group rated Mandel鈥檚 office as having the best
online system among the 50 states. Known as, the online system tracks spending by
all state agencies.
鈥淚n about  a week or two we鈥檙e going to send a letter out to every mayor, city councilman, school
board member, county commissioner throughout Central Ohio and throughout the  state and offer to
partner with them -- at no cost to local governments -- where they will be able to post their local
government finances  on Ohio,鈥?Mandel said.

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Chris Hemsworth melts hearts as he lovingly encourages his twins boys to take a walk in the park and cradles his daughter during family day out
Adopting a wide-legged stance for maximum stability, the cute one-year-old, who celebrated his birthday  [url=]maglia fiorentina con svastica[/url]
  last week, proudly managed a couple of steps before going it alone without his dad.
Next it was his brother's turn, who dressed in a cute grey top emblazoned with the slogan Daddy's Little Rascal on it and a pair of striped leggings gurgled happily as he took his first steps with the assistance of his doting dad.
Sharing his attention around his three children, the handsome father who won the PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive accolade last year, also made time for his adorable little girl India Rose, who is set turn three in May.

Oopsie daisy! India got turned upside down by her hulking dad. It looks like life Down Under is suiting the family of five as they enjoy the local life in Byron聽

Daddy...  [url=]oakley glasses made in usa[/url]
  no! The brave little girl reached for the ground as her Thor actor dad tipped her. The star has previously revealed  [url=]kate spade cosmetic bag[/url]
  that the Hollywood lifestyle didn't suit him

Swing when you're winning! The Avengers star and his wife are rumoured to have bought a $7.2 million beach home in the New South Wales idyll聽

Daddy's girl! The honey-blonde cutie stared lovingly at her father. He revealed in an interview earlier this year that having children has given him a new perspective聽
The blonde-haired cutie wore a pair of floral print shorts and a white sweatshirt as she played with her younger brothers and parents.
Hitting the playground, Chris and India enjoyed some father-daughter time  [url=;nchen_champions_league_trikot_sterne_123110.html]bayern m眉nchen champions league trikot sterne[/url]
  as he pushed her on the swings, before indulging his inner child and enjoying a quick swing himself.聽
Grabbing the little girl by her ankles, her fun-loving dad, who is brother to fellow actors Liam and Luke, turned her upside down for a fun game of oopsie daisy.聽

Hand-in-hand: The actor and his daughter looked very content as they walked barefoot through the park

Playtime! India Rose also made sure to look after her little brother handing him his bottle of milk

Yummy mummy: Bi-lingual beauty Elsa  [url=]belgium world cup football shirt[/url]
  showed off her yoga-honed frame in a pair of animal print shorts and loose fit sweatshirt
In January the rugged hunk spoke of being a parent to E! News saying of fatherhood:聽'I just have so much fun doing it. It's the best.'聽
He revealed that his kids have changed his world and perspective, for the better, with his career no longer his priority.聽
'Now I'm a  [url=]maillot du bresil 2013 bleu[/url]
  bit more choosy, I think, with when I work and how I work because it better be worthwhile to take me away from them.'

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NFL rookie contract structures and the Buffalo Bills
During each of the three years following 2011, contracts have been tied to the slot (pick in the round) a player has been selected, with  [url=]barcelona soccer shirts online[/url]
  that player's contract tied directly to the previous year's contract in the corresponding slot. The numbers rise slightly each year, but generally stay very similar.

Structurally, each first-round pick receives a four-year contract, which for the picks in the Top 20 or so has been fully guaranteed (the No. 19&nbsp;overall pick was the last slot to receive a fully guaranteed contract last year). For players in the Top 10 (Dareus, Gilmore, and Watkins), a fifth-year team option is available at the value of the previous year's transition tag (the average of the ten largest prior-year salaries at the position). For picks 11-32 (Manuel), the fifth-year salary is the average of third-highest salary down  [url=]oakley dredge shorts[/url]
  to No. 25 for the position.

In practice, Dareus' 2015 salary will be $8.06 million, or the value of the 2014 transition tag for defensive tackles. Timing-wise, teams must choose to exercise  [url=]maglia italia euro 2012[/url]
  the fifth-year option following the last game of the player's third season in the league, and before May 3 of the subsequent league year (prior to the player's fourth season in the league). The fifth-year salary becomes guaranteed for injury upon exercise of the option, and then fully guaranteed at the start of the player's fifth league year (so for Dareus, on March 10).

Looking forward, the Bills will have to make a decision on Gilmore in the near future, as the clock to exercise his option has already started; the Bills have until May 3 to exercise his fifth-year option for 2016. The 2015 transition tag for a cornerback, and therefore what Gilmore's 2016 salary would be, is a relatively high  [url=]raybon tomato columbia sc[/url]
  $11.082 million. Of course, as with Dareus, the Bills can and, if all of the praise heaped upon Gilmore since Rex  [url=]spain football kit age 5[/url]
  Ryan's hiring is to be believed, will attempt to negotiate a long-term contract, as all picks under the new CBA are allowed to negotiate and sign contract extensions after their third year in the league.

The fifth-year option does not exist beyond the first round. For second-round picks, players receive considerable guaranteed money (with the percentage decreasing, depending on their slot) under four-year contracts that for 2014 ranged from the first pick of the round receiving $5.55 million (with $3.97 million guaranteed) to the last pick of the round receiving $3.55 million (with $1.41 million guaranteed). ,  [url=]belgium away jersey[/url]
  as the second pick of the&nbsp;round (No. 34&nbsp;overall), received $5.259 million for his initial four-year contract, while  (No. 41),  (No. 41), and  (No. 44) have received $4.87 million, $4.87 million, and $4.81 million, respectively.

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Behind the Boards- Sens success boosts B
Former B-Sens are all over the place making contributions. Goalie Andrew Hammond has  [url=]calcio maglia piu bella[/url]
  now won 14 of his 15 starts, and Jean-Gabriel Pageau and Mike Hoffman both scored on Monday night against San Jose.
That Ottawa success  [url=]kate spade quilted bags[/url]
  has actually given a boost to the B-Sens.
"It's really cool to see guys that we played with last year and even guys that were here this year, Pageau, to have success," said B-Sens forward Buddy Robinson. "It drives us that much harder knowing that we can go up there and be impact players."
"It pushes these guys to not  [url=]new balance chicago[/url]
  only try to emulate what they're doing on our team, but also it gives them that extra boost in the arm to know if we're playing well then that bodes well for them to maybe go up, either to be  [url=]acheter maillot equipe de france de foot[/url]
  on the practice side of things or even inserted right into the lineup," said  [url=]maglie ufficiali italia europei 2012[/url]
  coach Luke Richardson. "So you want to make sure you're playing your best at all times."
The B-Sens could use to play even more like Ottawa though. They are 11 points out of the playoffs with 11 games to go.
Binghamton has a pair of home games this weekend. The B-Sens welcome Wilkes-Barre/Scranton to the Arena on Friday night and get a visit from  [url=]mens sunglasses marks and spencers[/url]
  Bridgeport on Saturday.

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Shavar Lewis dead, Diedre Callaway arrested in alleged Lakeland stabbing
Callaway went into the house and returned with a 5- or 6-inch knife, police said.
She pointed the knife at Lewis and the two people he arrived with and said  [url=]opinion new balance 710[/url]
  she was not afraid to stab them, police said.
As Lewis got  back into the passenger seat of the car to leave, someone in the group punched him, police said.
Lewis jumped out of the car and started physically fighting with Callaway's son, Antonio Callaway, police said.
Both men fell onto the ground,  and a group crowded around them, police said.
As they fought, Diedre Callaway walked up to them  holding the knife, her arms swinging wild in front of her, a witness told police.
Another witness said he heard Lewis yell She's stabbing me! She's stabbing me!
The witness drew his gun and fired a few shots into the air to try and scare the group away, police said.
Lewis was taken to Lakeland Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead on Sunday  afternoon.
He had a stab wound in  his back and an injured left lung, police said.
Diedre Callaway is being held on no bond in Polk County Jail. or 407-420-5774
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Daisy Lowe draws attention to her shapely legs in sheer skirt as she attends fashion launch in London
Donna also cut a stylish figure at the event in a patterned blue blouse which she teamed with a midnight blue skirt.
She was seen posing alongside the woman  [url=]ray ban 4039 precio[/url]
  of the hour, Laura Bailey, who looked chic in a light blue shirt and an orange skirt which she wore underneath a beige coat.
Statuesque model Erin O鈥機onnor looked stylish in a brown polo neck top and patterned jeans which she covered up with black blazer.

Donna also cut a stylish figure  [url=]maillot marseille sponsor psg[/url]
  at the event in a patterned blue blouse which she teamed with a midnight blue skirt.

All smiles: TV presenter was happy to pose alongside Donna at the event

Print perfection: The girlfriend of James Middleton looked chic as she posed with guests
Daisy has famously refused to diet and represents curvier girls in the modelling industry.聽
She told Grazia magazine: 'Being skinny just doesn't suit me.
'At my gym, the trainers are really like life coaches. And for the past two years it鈥檚 been about them hammering all those insecurities out of me.'

Woman of the hour: 聽Laura Bailey looked chic in a light  [url='s_8700_esd_steel_toe_athletic_shoes_340033.html]dunham by new balance men's 8700 esd steel toe athletic shoes[/url]
  blue shirt and an orange skirt which she wore underneath a beige coat as she posed with actress Christa Miller

Stylish guests: Actresses Tolula Adeyemi and Olivia Grant put on colourful sartorial displays
Daisy admitted there have been times when she has been too big for outfits on modelling shoots.
She explained: 'There have definitely been moments where I have been very upset at some shoot when the clothes didn鈥檛 fit, and you  [url=]maillot foot barcelone rose[/url]
  feel horrendous about yourself.
'I can sit here and say, "I love being curvy", but of course there are pressures to be thinner. Stick you next to a 15-year-old Russian model doing the shows and these look like thunder thighs.'

Hats off to 聽her: Marshall Campbell drew attention her wine hat while Sky Sports News presenter Olivia Wayne kept her look simple

Mix and match: Blogger聽Kelly Eastwood sported  [url=]maillot exterieur du portugal pour la coupe du monde 2014[/url]
  eye-catching attire at the bash
Daisy's gym schedule means she can treat herself to what food she likes.
She said: 'I just like  [url=]ray ban 3447 47mm gold[/url]
  food too much 鈥?it is one of the great pleasures.
'My complete being is the opposite [of skinny]. I am quite maternal, I love to bake, I love all that homely thing.'聽

Fash pack: Fashion stylist Martha Ward and fashion producer聽Morwenna Lytton Cobbold were also at the event

Smart casual: English radio presenter聽Alice Levine looked effortlessly stylish in a pale pink coat and a blue ensemble